Navigating Boat Loans: Sterling Associates

June 18, 2021

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We are pleased to recommend Sterling Associates in this Editor’s Choice as a company dedicated to the boating lifestyle and fully aware of the nuances of financing and the associated requirements of completing your purchasing arrangements.

Coming to terms with the decision to buy the boat of your dreams comprises many emotions. Whether it’s your first or one of many, that great day of taking possession and beginning new adventures is the culmination of planning, research and finding the support you need to navigate the details.

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Waterway Guide Media’s team of editors, writers and contributors know the ins and outs of buying and owning boats, from dinghies to classic yachts, sailboats and runabouts. Our experiences over the years confirm that finding the best solution to concluding the purchase of a boat is one of the most important components of the equation and certainly influences the pleasure of making the decision. Tom Smith, president of the Sterling Associates, is a dedicated leader whose vision for positioning the 30 year-old company has resulted in a distinct approach to making sure buyers and lenders are aligned. In a recent interview, he said, “We know that we give the lowest cost and best service. Our focus has always been to put purchasers first and emphasize customer service. Until this past year we did all of our business face-to-face, which provided an exceptional level of confidence for both sides.”

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As most of us know, boat loans have multiple angles. Surveys, insurance, age of the vessel, location and other variables can complicate the purchase process. Sterling Associates’ experience and relationships across the lending spectrum, combined with interaction with buyers, says Smith, “Allows us to manage the details. The value proposition has changed over the past 24 months. Boat buying has been historic, and we are faced with not being able to work person-to-person as we have in the past. But we have adjusted.” As a Waterway Guide Editor’s Choice, Sterling Associates is worthy of consideration when you make the decision to begin your on-the-water journey or want to move up to the next boat of your dreams. The boating market has expanded during the recent disruption as more of us take to America’s waterways. And while new and used boats may be a little more difficult to locate, there are plenty of opportunities to purchase. Sterling Associates is a good start when you begin considering your options for getting on the water. As Smith says, “Our biggest asset is our team. Start a conversation with one of them.” We agree. Hope to see you on the water.

Ed Tillett


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