Meet Charlie Hamlin: Sterling’s Lowcountry Sales Associate

May 21, 2024

Copy of SA Charlie Hamlin – FB Post 1

Sterling Associates opened its Lowcountry office in Charleston, South Carolina about 18 months ago. The Carolina and Georgia coasts, with numerous bays, inlets and fascinating marshlands as well as the open Atlantic, are a boater’s paradise. And of course, the inland lakes and ponds are home to some of the best bass fishing in America.

Charlie Hamlin, a native of Charleston, was appointed Sales Associate to staff the Lowcountry office, and has been making the rounds of boat shows and visiting dealers throughout the area ever since.

“I attend all the local boat shows and spend most of my time visiting and talking with dealers and marinas throughout my territory,” Charlie says. “It all comes down to word of mouth–a customer we’ve successfully financed will tell his friends and it all grows from there. We’re in this business for the long haul and I know you build a business one happy customer at a time.”

Like boaters anywhere, getting the best deal is the goal. Sterling Associates has built relationships over the years with more than 25 banks and credit unions around the country who handle loans for new and used boats, recreational vehicles, and private aircraft. 

“With our strong group of lenders, we can get our customers approved at very competitive rates,” Charlie said. “We’ve always got options to offer.”

Charlie said most of his business so far has come from the Charleston area, where boating is big business. But, he said, he’s also written a lot of loans in the Charlotte, N.C., and Rock Hill areas upstate. “There’s a dealer up there that’s referred a lot of business,” he said. “And of course, the lakes up near Charlotte are prime territory for bass fishermen and recreational boaters.”

Charlie Hamlin got his undergraduate degree from Clemson University, but has helped a lot of University of South Carolina Gamecocks obtain boat loans as well. “Of course, I will usually give them some trash talk,” he said. “In a state like ours, with strong rivalries between the schools, that’s just accepted! I get a lot back from the SC grads. But here in the Lowcountry we all share one common trait–we all love to be out on the water as much as we can.”

Sterling Associates has been piloting boat owners into the safe waters of sound boat financing for more than 33 years, successfully closing more than $5 billion in boat loans. If you’re living in the Lowcountry and contemplating the purchase of a boat or refinancing your current boat, give Charlie Hamlin a call at (843) 709-6364 and let him help you find the best deal at the best rates along with our concierge service and helping every customer as our top priority.