Introducing Max Salvater

March 15, 2018

Image of Max Salvater: Experienced in marine finance.

With more than three decades of experience, Max Salvater has been involved with every aspect of the marine industry. Currently a marine loan specialist with Sterling Associates, he has previously worked as a sales manager, a general manager and a finance manager. That broad range of experience allows Salvater to connect with clients on virtually every level regarding boating and finance.

“I know the mechanics of a boat,” he says. “Many finance people are ex-bankers, and as we like to say, they don’t know the pointy end from the flat end.”

Knowledge is critical, but nothing is more important that customer service, Salvater says. That’s why he prides himself on being “open seven days a week.”

“I’m always amazed that I’ll answer the phone on a Saturday or Sunday and people will be surprised that I took their call,” he says. “That tells me how the rest of the world is operating. Personal service and listening to what the customer is looking for is also extremely critical. What are their needs? My goal is to help them from beginning to end until the deal is completed.”

It is precisely that level of service that has brought the 64-year-old Salvater repeat business through the years. Based in Sacramento, California, but with clients as far away as Texas and Alaska, he has service as many as six marine loans for some customers. “You can spend a lot of money on advertising, but word of mouth from a happy customer is as important as anything,” he says.

Salvater is single and enjoys hiking and fishing in his spare time. Since coming to Sterling seven years ago, he has been impressed with the company’s ability to close loans quickly and with owner Tom Smith’s far-reaching connections within the industry.

“There is great support at Sterling, and Tom is a worldwide guy,” he says. “I can’t believe how many people he knows.”

For Salvater, it all makes what could be a complicated, time-consuming loan process seamless and effortless.