How to Finance Your Dream Boat

February 14, 2023

Join Sterling Associates’ Marine Finance Representative Cindy Lewis as she helps you navigate financing your dream boat on the Great Loop Radio Podcast! Marine Lending Basics – Key Moments in the Video About Cindy Lewis: Cindy Lewis has been in the marine industry for over 45 years. Early in her career she worked for a […]

Tax Tips For Boaters

December 9, 2019

December is all about the holidays, but the end of the year also means it’s time to start thinking about taxes. New boat owners, particularly, will likely have questions for their tax advisor about whether interest on boat loans or owning a boat is tax deductible. While the folks at Sterling Association can give you […]

How to Avoid Sea Sickness

October 3, 2019

Every recreational mariner knows boating is not always fair sailing and calm seas. If the boat’s a-rockin’, you or your passengers might be reeling … from seasickness. When you’re looking forward to getting out on the water, there’s nothing worse than feeling nauseous and dizzy, but fortunately, you can avoid motion sickness. Here’s some tips […]

How Boaters Should Prepare for Hurricane Season

July 27, 2019

The beginning of June is a magical time for boaters, as it means the boating season is officially underway. But for East Coast boaters, it also means the start of the hurricane season. While hurricanes don’t occur as often in the Northeast as they do in the Southeast, these powerful storms are wildly unpredictable. When […]

Tips for New Boaters

July 12, 2019

You’ve bought your first boat, and you’re imagining all the great times that are in store for you – the fun days with the family, fishing trips, entertaining friends, relaxing sunset cruises. That all awaits you. But first comes the task of learning how to operate your boat. If you’ve never boated before, captaining your […]

Remember These Tips When Boating with Children

June 5, 2019

Spending quality time with your children is likely the most important thing you do. When that time with your children is spent on a boat, it’s an even better time. Boating with kids is a wonderful opportunity to bond with them, share fun times and make memories they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. […]

5 Ways Boaters Can Help the Environment

March 12, 2019

No boater wants to cruise, swim or wakeboard in waters that are filthy and polluted, or explore a coastline littered with trash. That’s why a clean, healthy environment is as necessary for a good day of boating as water and a boat itself. Here are five things boaters can do to help keep the waters […]

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Boat’s Propeller

December 20, 2018

If your boat’s propeller suffers any damage it can cause you big problems, from being a drain on your boat’s fuel tank to even leaving you stranded. Thankfully, most prop problems are easily avoided as long as you keep up with routine maintenance and are properly prepared when you leave the dock. Here are a […]

The Best Apps for Boaters

December 11, 2018

That smartphone in your hand is useful for more than just surfing for cat videos and posting selfies on social media. For boaters, it’s also a gateway to an enormous amount of helpful boating information thanks to the many wonderful boating apps available to download. Here are a few of the best boating apps. Boat […]

Gift Ideas for Boaters

November 27, 2018

Do you have a boater on your shopping list this holiday season? If so, consider yourself lucky. That’s because there are plenty of wonderful gift ideas out there you can choose from. Here are a few of the best.

5 Boat Projects to Tackle This Winter

November 17, 2018

Winter can be a depressing time for recreational boaters. But smart boaters know the cold, dark winter months are the best time to tackle boat work that they don’t want to do during the summer. Here are a few boating projects you might want to do this winter. Change your impeller. A boat’s impeller can quickly […]

How to Winterize Your Boat October 29, 2018

October 28, 2018

It’s always a sad day when the boating season comes to an end, and the process of winterizing your boat is sure to bring a frown to every boater’s face. But while winterizing your boat might be a joyless task, it’s an important part of being a boat owner. If you take the time to […]

Enjoy Boating with Your Dog

October 22, 2018

You love your dog. So why would you leave your pooch home on a gorgeous boating day? Let your dog in on the fun by being one of the many boaters who bring their dogs boating. Here are a few tips that will make your day of boating with your dog enjoyable for the both […]

Choosing a Good Anchorage

September 28, 2018

Every boater has imagined finding an anchorage in some quiet, secluded cove where they can relax, swim or watch the sunset and the stars come out. But you can’t just drop a hook wherever you want. There are a lot of factors to consider. Here are a few tips on choosing a good anchorage. Do […]

Fall Boating Tips

September 12, 2018

Most boaters look upon the end of summer with a sense of sadness, thinking it means the end of the boating season. But a few boaters get excited at the arrival of autumn, because they know fall offers some of the best boating days of the year. With cool, crisp days, great fishing, no crowds […]

Technology Trends in Boating

August 17, 2018

Just as in virtually every area of our lives, advances in technology have had a tremendous impact on the boating industry. These advances have vastly improved the boating experience, whether you’re on the water or on the dock. Here are a few that just might make your head explode. Baby, You Can Drive My BoatOr […]

Is A Center Console Boat Right for You?

August 6, 2018

Center consoles are extremely popular in the small boat market, largely for their versatility and their maneuverability. They are adept in a variety of conditions, and they offer numerous storage capabilities. Here are five reasons boaters are drawn to center consoles. DesignWith the helm and the controls mounted on the console, you have plenty of […]

Boating Trends to Look for This Summer

June 25, 2018

The boating experience is constantly evolving as technology improves and personal tastes change. Just as it is in the fashion world, there are trends in the boating industry. Here is a look at what’s hot as we head into the 2018 boating season. Fishing According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, 70 percent of boats […]

Choosing the Right Boat, Part II

May 18, 2018

In April , we took the time to help prospective buyers select the right boat for them. In a previous blog, we looked at bowriders, cruisers, freshwater fishing boats, runabouts and sailboats. For this blog, we’ll tell you a little about saltwater fishing boats, speed boats, pontoon boats, trawlers and watersports boats. Saltwater Fishing BoatsThere […]

Choosing the Right Boat

April 25, 2018

Whether you’re a beginner boater or a veteran on the water, choosing the right boat can be a complicated process. Although there are dozens of types of boats, one of 10 is likely to suit your needs. This month, we’ll look at five options, and then explore five more in April. BowridersThis versatile design can […]

Finding the Best Time to Buy a Boat

February 16, 2018

Determining the best time to buy a boat is a little like trying to time the stock market; if it was easy, everyone would be rich. Although bargains can be found throughout the year, the general consensus is that fall and winter are the optimum times to do your boat shopping. Dealerships want to clear […]

Six Things to Consider Before Buying a Boat

January 22, 2018

Purchasing a new boat is exciting, even for experienced boaters. It’s also a major investment that requires thought and research. Here are some questions every boater should ask themselves before making a decision on a new boat. How will you use the boat?If fishing is your primary objective, will you be remaining inshore or heading […]

The Great Loop and the AGLCA

September 28, 2016

Author: Cindy LewisMarine Finance RepresentativeSterling Associates – Mid Atlantic Officecindy@recreationfinance.com410-903-6611 Imagine being a modern day Huck Finn, discovering the waterways, lakes, inlets and rivers that our forefathers transited while mapping out this country, and traveling the same routes that continue to be major supply routes for businesses today.  Books have been written about the trip, […]