5 Tips for Maintaining Your Boat’s Propeller

December 20, 2018

If your boat’s propeller suffers any damage it can cause you big problems, from being a drain on your boat’s fuel tank to even leaving you stranded. Thankfully, most prop problems are easily avoided as long as you keep up with routine maintenance and are properly prepared when you leave the dock. Here are a few tips on maintaining your propeller.

•Always inspect your propeller before heading out on the water. A damaged prop can cause serious problems for your engine, propeller and stern gear. Have any nicks and dents fixed immediately.

•Routinely remove your prop so you can check if anything has gotten tangled around it like fishing line.

•Check your boat’s performance. If you notice a drop in speed or fuel efficiency, or if your boat experiences any vibration, it could be a sign of a propeller problem.

•Clean your prop on a regular basis and put waterproof grease on your propeller shaft to prevent corrosion.

•You should always have a spare propeller onboard. If you have prop problems on the water, a spare can help you get home.